Cocktail Party Drinks

Cocktail Party Drinks

Here you will find hints about cocktail party beverages – what you need to offer and how to serve them. In addition, how much you need of what. Cocktail party drinks? Cocktails, right? Yes, cocktails, but not just cocktails. Not everyone likes cocktails and several people prefer non alcoholic drinks. It is important to have an excellent number of alcoholic and non alcoholic mixed in addition to other beverages available for your guests. For the cocktails, you want a good inventory of a wide range of spirits, liqueurs and decorations available see our Guide to storing your Home Bar for much more on this.

If you are likely to be the bartender your self, or you are going to allow your visitors try the hands at cocktail mixing, it is sensible to decide on eight to ten simple to create cocktails before the party and receive all the required ingredients for them. Attempt to select cocktails with overlapping components if you are spending budget conscience. TIP: Consider to hire a bartender if you are having over 10 guests and the place of the celebration does not have bartenders, like your house for example. Allow approximately 1 to 2 beverages per guest per hour, believing an average beverage is about 250 ml to 350 ml.

Or simple ask them. Another idea is to make the celebration brings a bottle or bring your own ingredients, in other words every guest or pair of guests bring a bottle of spirits and\/or the other ingredients representing the base ingredient of their cocktail. Additionally you can ask each guest on her or his invitation to bring a certain ingredient for those cocktails you plan to serve. This can help to avoid 25 bottles of tequila and nothing else arriving, by way of example. If you wish to let your visitors mix cocktails themselves, it’s sensible to have a number of shakers and measures available in order that guests can mix cocktails simultaneously.

Lets look at what cocktail party beverages you must Have available, outside of the inventory for making cocktails – BEER – Have available an inventory of traditional beer or lager of medium strength. Stouts, for example, Guinness, are also quite popular in some areas of the world. Not everyone beverages beer, so you need to be safe if you’ve 1 for every two guests. Beer is usually served in a beer glass or else mug, so have a few of those available. WINE – An ever popular beverage just about everywhere in the world. An ordinary bottle will give about 5 glasses. White wine glasses are traditionally a bit smaller compared to red wine glasses, but do not worry if your wine glasses are all those exact same size. PUNCHES – Punches are especially great cocktail party beverages for bigger parties in summertime time.

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